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Pinette Emidecau Industries

Our expertise: Engineering and Manufacturing of large scale turn-key Mechanical Machinery

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Since 1863, PINETTE P.E.I., is a leader of large scale turn-key Mechanical Machinery Manufacturing and Engineering for the processing of plastic composites and sheet metal:

  • Hydraulic Press
  • Large dimension Test Bench system
  • Automated forming line for the high performance composites industry
  • Assembly systems and specialized tooling of very large dimension
  • Machinery for R&D, Laboratory and Production
  • Turn key factory for composites forming

Based in France, Germany, USA, PINETTE is a global partner operating around the globe serving high tech industries : transportation, energy, medical, composite forming industry, sheet metal forming industry.
Expertise, Innovation, Cooperation, Global presence are the four pillars of its value creation for all customers and end-users of its technology and machinery.


Focus on the Fast RTM platform

Due to the implementation of increasingly stringent emission standards, automakers rely on lightweight strategies. Undoubtedly, composite materials represent a real solution to reduce vehicle weight. However, to fit with automotive market objectives regarding costs and productivity rates, an important step of industrialization is necessary.

fast rtm ecs pressAs a consequence, the “Fast RTM” project aims to meet industrials’ expectations by developing the tools and processes required for composites to earn their way into the automotive industry.

The « Fast RTM » technology platform - results of the eponym project –that is located at the Composite Park of Saint Avold in France is operational since April 2016.

With a €2.5M investment, it consists of a production line fully equipped, allowing to obtain all industrial developments needed to drive structural composite materials towards industrialization.

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QSP: Pinette accompagne la montée des cadences

2016 04 20 miniature qsp air et cosmosPinette vient d'apporter sa pierre à l'édifice de l'usine de l'avenir avec une ligne de production entièrement automatisée, qui permet de diviser par dix le temps de fabrication des pièces à fortes caractéristiques mécaniques ou légères.


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Pinette PEI announces successful completion of a complete turnkey plant

Often considered only as a hydraulic press and production lines manufacturer, Pinette PEI demonstrates its evolution and the scope of its expertise as a general contractor through the delivery of a turnkey forming plant in Asia for a Western customer.

turnkey overall 4297

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Pinette PEI co-designs one-minute manufacturing process for structural composite parts

This equipment 30 meters in length, co-designed by Pinette P.E.I group in Chalon sur Saône (Burgundy, France), is truly unique. It allows the production of composite parts in a one minute cycle time, using the composite layering process. 35,000 hours of engineering conception and 7 million Euros were necessary to develop this new process in order to attract the automotive and aero manufacturers. This project is a perfect illustration of the continuous & growing collaborative strategy of Pinette P.E.I group.


quilted stratum process composites manufacturing with parts


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