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Pinette Emidecau Industries

Our expertise: Engineering and Manufacturing of large scale turn-key Mechanical Machinery

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Since 1863, PINETTE P.E.I., is a leader of large scale turn-key Mechanical Machinery Manufacturing and Engineering for the processing of plastic composites and sheet metal:

  • Hydraulic Press
  • Large dimension Test Bench system
  • Automated forming line for the high performance composites industry
  • Assembly systems and specialized tooling of very large dimension
  • Machinery for R&D, Laboratory and Production
  • Turn key factory for composites forming

Based in France, Germany, USA, PINETTE is a global partner operating around the globe serving high tech industries : transportation, energy, medical, composite forming industry, sheet metal forming industry.
Expertise, Innovation, Cooperation, Global presence are the four pillars of its value creation for all customers and end-users of its technology and machinery.


Composites World - Lancement de la société Global RTM

5 mai 2014

Molding machinery supplier Pinette EmidecauA preshow announcement by molding machinery supplier Pinette Emidecau (Chalon-sur-Saône, France) requested HPC’s presence at its press conference Tuesday, March 11, to hear an announcement about formation of a new consortium made up of four companies combining technologies to provide global solutions for automated and high speed RTM production technology. What wasn’t revealed until that morning was that after 10 years of close collaboration, the four had incorporated a new multinational company, Global RTM, to focus on marketing a complete high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) production line. Focused, for now, in the aerocomposites market, the system, says Pinette’s president Jérôme Hubert, who will also head Global RTM, will make an eventual entry into the automotive market as well.

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Pinette P.E.I. to supply R&D composite manufacturing platform to the NRCC

The company, a leader in forming presses and production systems for high performance composites, has been contracted by the National Research Council to design, manufacture and supply an R&D composite manufacturing platform in Boucherville, Quebec.

The platform will support the development of thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials using press molding technologies. The platform is expected to be fully installed and commissioned in Boucherville during the 1st quarter of 2015.

The Pinette P.E.I. composite manufacturing platform is highly flexible by design and capable of serving a wide range of research projects for a variety of industries. In the automotive and land transportation sectors, the company has an extensive record of supplying composite forming systems for both research and high volume production of components. This experience coupled with its leadership in carbon fiber forming machinery for the Aeronautic sector provides the National Research Council with a strong technology provider. The automotive and land transportation industries are actively engaged in the development and commercialization of advanced composites to support their production of lightweight vehicles, and the manufacturing platform is an effective R&D tool towards that end.

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PEI : l’innovation comme moteur du développement

Pour s’imposer sur les marchés, PEI a misé sur la machine spéciale et l’innovation technologique. Une stratégie qui lui a ouvert les portes en France et à l’intalternational.

Spécialisée dans les presses et les bancs de tests hydrauliques ainsi que leslignes automatiques de formage des matériaux composites hautes performances pour les industriesaéronautiques, spatiales et automobiles, PEI (Pinette Emidecau Industries) est une PMI de 118 personnes qui surfe sur le succès. Sa réussite, elle la doit à un savant cocktail qui, autour de la machine spéciale, allie le savoir-faire, l’innovation, les partenariats et l’international.

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Pinette, high performance presses at DAHER

composite world 01 14... At the heart of the plant are five manufacturing cells built around hydraulic thermostamping presses supplied by Pinette Emidecau Industries (Chalon sur Saône, France). Each cell features a robotic system for material handling, an infrared heater for material preheating and, of course, the Pinette Emidecau press...

Source: HPC/Photo: Jeff Sloan

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